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Finally arrived. The aromatic fragrance of the larches pervades the pleasant fresh mountain air. Look out into the tranquillity. At 1500 meters altitude, everything is different. The vigilius mountain resort lives patterned on nature. Feel that you are in good hands. The warmth and immediacy of the materials, wood, clay, and linen, is reflected in the natural cordiality of the people who are here for you.

The five star design hotel vigilius mountain resort is elegantly embedded in the surrounding landscape of the car-free Vigiljoch in South Tyrol. Accessible by cable car within a few minutes from the village of Lana in the Adige valley, the hotel features a marvellous view of the distant Dolomites and the surrounding mountain scenery.

The magnificent EAGLES PALACE is named after the symbol of Byznatium and Orthodoxy.

Its breathtaking location, its flair and monastic architecture, a mere 4 km from the Holy Mount Athos gates, has attracted numerous important guests from all over the world and continues to charm with its wonderful service and warm hospitality.

Vigilius Mountain Resort 5*

South Tyrol, Italian Alps

Eagle Palace Spa 5*


Bagni di Pisa Spa 5*


BAGNI DI PISA SPA, once loved by the Etruscans and the ancient Romans, became famous with the nobility all over Europe in 1743, when the Grand Duke of Tuscany, Francesco Stefano of Lorena, made it his own summmer spa residence, as well as a fashionable meeting place which had among its other important guests well-known people such as Gustav of Sweden, George IV of England, Vittorio Alfieri, Percy B. and Mary Shelley, Ibrahim Pascià, The Cardinal of York and Carlo Goldoni.

The setting of this jewel of well-being is art, history, Pisa, Lucca, nature and the Maritime Park of San Rossore and the social life of Versilia.

Here you will be at the center of the most absolute exclusive attention in every moment, but always with discretion.

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